Annual Bear Dance

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On Monday the dancing starts at 10a.

Annual Winter Dinner Dance

About the Bear Dance The Bear Dance originally was held around the middle of March, usually after the first thunder in the spring was heard and when the Bear came out of hibernation. All the various Ute bands would come together and prepare for the dances, which were held throughout Ute territories. For the Southern Utes, the hosting date has been changed to the Memorial Day weekend to cater to the youth who would be out of school for the summer.

The Bear Dance is the oldest and most historic of the Southern Ute dances. Legend has it that two brothers were hunting when one of them noticed a bear doing a dance while scratching a tree. The bear taught the hunter the dance, along with songs, to take back to his people. The songs showed respect to the bear spirit, and respect to the bear spirit makes one strong.

The Bear Dance is still celebrated today with a dance corral, drums and singing, festive costumes and good food. Cortez, Colorado. Search the The Journal.

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Southern Ute Bear Dance Celebration | Bear Dance Grounds

Although bear baiting is prohibited in Pakistan, bear dancing is not. We urgently need your help to make sure that all bear exploitation in Pakistan is made illegal so that no more bears are forced to suffer.


Ending bear dancing. We work to stop bears being cruelly exploited for tourist entertainment. In bear dancing, bears are often poached from the wild, sold on the black market and forced to 'perform' on the streets for money. First, she is made defenseless The suffering that dancing bears like Ellie endure is unimaginable. admin