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Nuno fronteiro do Alentejo que parte com homens, reunindo mais alguns pelo caminho. Entretando em Abril, D. Enquanto que o rei pensa em fazer uma guerra de guerrilha, D. Nuno defende um combate definitivo e dirige-se com os seus soldados para Tomar , onde o rei acaba por se juntar com mais soldados num total de cerca de soldados. A segunda Batalha de Guararapes , no Recife, expulsou de vez os holandeses e o projecto da Nova Holanda.

A chefia da frota portuguesa foi entregue por D. A Junta do Porto, sob o comando do bispo D. Pedro IV e D. Miguel na Batalha de Almada. Ver artigo principal: Reconquista. Ver artigo principal: Guerra Luso-Holandesa. Ver artigo principal: Guerra Peninsular. Ver artigo principal: Guerras liberais. Ver artigo principal: Portugal na Primeira Guerra Mundial. Among the array of foodstuff that can be found in this area, egg tarts, almond cookies, meat jerky, pork chop buns, black pepper pancakes are a few of the favorites snacks among locals and visitors.

It is also an ideal spot to savour authentic local delicacies, of which there are many. Strolling through local wet markets is the best way to get connected culturally through food and the fresh local produce. There are also plenty of shops that sell assorted dried beans and fresh nuts in raw form.

Also there are dried and preserved versions of tasty creatures of the sea too, from squid to octopus and of course the well-known dried fish. Wander off further to the Inner Harbour where the Patane Market is located, fishermen are seen off-loading their freshest catch early each morning. Early birds often get their hands on the best seafood here in this seafood market. Domingos Market and Iao Hong Market are similar type of wet markets, but what is unique about them is they not only carries fresh produced but also there is an entire floor of the market dedicate in selling cooked food where locals and visitors can enjoy ready-made local foods at a very affordable price.

The performers dance with a wooden dragon stung with incenses as a ritual of blessing while the red-faced dancers, with drunken steps, spray liquor to the sky from time to time, but they can still dance gracefully. These events are difficult to miss as the plaza and streets leading up to it are filled with cultural booths selling Southeast Asian delicacies savored by locals, migrants and visitors. John the Baptist for his heroic actions.

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Today, it has become a cultural celebration welcome by people of different backgrounds and all walks of life. Local bands also perform during the event alongside with booths selling hand-crafted jewelry and decorative items made by the local communities. The Macau Foundation and the Tourist Office are also sponsoring the event. The 3-week cultural festival takes place annually, with the collaboration of other entities to create a cordial atmosphere for local residents, business people and visitors personal interaction with cuisines, films and books of Latin America.

Macanese cuisine is cooked with many ingredients that recall the unique history of Macao and its Portuguese maritime culture. During the 16 th and 17 th Century, Portugal energetically established a sea route to the East, paving the way for merchants engaged in the spice trade in Africa, India and the coast of Malacca, bringing exotic spices and food cultures to Macao. In addition, many Portuguese married local Chinese in Macao and inhabitants from the above-mentioned regions. Thus, different foreign and Chinese ingredients and cooking styles were gradually incorporated into traditional Portuguese dishes cooked by Macanese families over the past centuries.

Based on Portuguese cuisine, these spices and ingredients from Africa, Southeast Asia and India - including curry, coconut milk, cloves and cinnamon - are combined using Chinese culinary skills in a wonderful potpourri of tastes and aromas, giving birth to the uniquely delicious Macanese cuisine of today. Macao features a wide variety of food from most Mainland provinces.

Peking duck is the highlight of Peking cuisine, while steamed buns with minced pork filling, wontons and freshwater hairy crabs are renowned Shanghainese dishes. Lovers of spicy food can also enjoy signature Sichuan soups and hotpots in Macao. Other famous Guangdong dishes include roasted meats, seafood and other delicate dishes.

Macao is an excellent choice for sampling international cuisine. Major hotels and upscale malls offer a diverse array of cuisines, often featuring buffets, food court, Michelin star restaurants, and international dishes prepared by world-class chefs. Visitors can easily find a diversity of restaurants and eateries in streets and squares throughout this cosmopolitan city. Rua de S. Some of the snacks are cooked right in front of you — and all make excellent gifts for your nearest and dearest. The Institute for Tourism Studies IFT , established in , is a public institution of higher education in Macao which offers degree and professional programmes in a wide range of tourism-related disciplines such as hospitality, tourism business, heritage, events, retail and marketing, leisure and entertainment, sports and recreation, creative and cultural studies, and culinary arts.

IFT also partners with leading education institutions and tourism organizations from 30 countries and cities to deliver various programmes. Currently, the Institute has the most number of bachelor degree programmes 8 certified in Macao under the System of any tertiary education establishment worldwide. Founded in , the Macau University of Science and Technology MUST is a private university which offers multi-disciplinary degrees and programmes at doctoral, master and bachelor levels in Macao. FHTM delivers a wide range of courses including hotel management, MICE management, gaming business management, cultural tourism management, e-tourism, service quality and retail management.

Apaixonada pelo chefe espanhol (Bianca) (Portuguese Edition)

Macao cultivates interests in the gastronomy field from a young age. The Education and Youth Affairs Bureau also attaches great importance to the healthy development of children and teachers in schools. With support from members of the catering industry and all previous committees, UAFBMM has dedicated itself in unifying the entire catering industry, ensuring legitimate rights and interests of members.

The scheme is intended to provide all-around assistances and financial support to SMEs with rich traditional features and peculiarity of business, and to make endeavor to the conservation of local unique catering culture. The UAFBMM has provided on-job vocational training and certificate programmes for catering industry for 15 years in a row and more than 24, employees have participated with satisfactory outcomes as well as supports local chefs to participate in international contests and related events for higher career and skill achievements.

Founded in , the Confraria da Gastronomia Macaense CGM , also known as the Macanese Gastronomic Brotherhood in English, is a non-profit association in Macao that encourages dissemination of Macanese gastronomic heritage through recipes, traditional cooking techniques, research of old food houses, famous chefs, and evolution of dishes that affirm the aspiration of authenticity. Currently, the CGM has members. It is also apparent that his publication of articles and books of an international character disseminating of Macanese customs and the enrichment of cultural values intrinsic to the region also play a very important role in the education and contribution to sustain the uniqueness of Macanese cuisine and gastronomic traditions.

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Macau Cuisine Association is a non-profit association newly established in Macao in It unites professional chefs to exchange culinary innovation and knowledge, strengthens culinary culture by exploring different theories by way of improving technical skills and providing servicing guidance of the industry, sharing of management experience, and participating in competitions or display contests.

There are currently members within MCA including Chinese, Western, Japanese and Korean chefs and management personnel, as well as investors from mega franchise companies. Macao Federation of Trade Unions is one of the biggest associations formally established in Its history and formation can be traced back to around which witnessed the growth of trade unions in Macao. The Federation established the Catering Services and Culinary Training Centre in , providing vocational training to residents and catering workers, and nurturing professional skills and competitiveness of local chefs by offering national certificate programmes.

It has now 80 members who are mostly investors of the small and medium sized enterprises in Macao.

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The Association aims to promote local food culture and work together with the industry to raise awareness and create synergy for local food branding. In order to improve competitiveness of the industry, the Association also provides training and exchange opportunities for its members at home and abroad. It provides support to people with disabilities aged 16 to 45 through employment training including food production and sales at the snack bar which is open to the public giving its trainees training and working opportunities.

The scheme highlights their potential and works towards social integration through practical work, enabling a smooth transition from this safe and control environment to other work places in the society. The Education and Youth Affairs Bureau launched the Continuing Education Development Scheme since to encourage lifelong learning, including culinary related courses, in order to achieve the goal of improving the professional certification system and continuing to promote the construction of lifelong learning society, so as to cope with the diversified development of the economic industry and the construction of a learning society.

Funding of MOP6, every 3 years for Macao residents that can be used to support continuing education courses in local and overseas areas, higher education courses and license examinations. By providing all-inclusive support services for young entrepreneurs with creative business ideas, e. Local residents aged between 21 and 44 who meet the initial business definition may apply. The grant shall be used for the purpose of purchasing the equipment required for the operation of the commercial enterprise; to carry out the renovation works for the business premises; to establish a commercial concession contract or franchise contract; to acquire technical exclusive rights or intellectual property rights; to conduct publicity and promotional activities; and as a working capital for business enterprises.

The maximum amount of aid is MOP, and the maximum repayment period is eight years. SME Aid Scheme is put in place to effectively and appropriately support the development of the small and medium-sized enterprises hereinafter called SMEs. The funds allocated for SME Aid Scheme can be used to finance its normal operation or for SMEs directly affected by extraordinary, unpredictable matters or dramatic changes in the business environment that rise the operating expenses or affecting the operating conditions of an enterprise.

The maximum amount of aid per enterprise is MOP, The maximum period for repayment of the loan is 8 years. The maximum amount of guarantee offered is MOP 4. The amount of credit guarantee provided excludes the interest and any other expenses related to repayment of the loan. The repayment period of the loan is limited to a maximum of 5 years, counting from the date of signing the loan contract. The Scheme provides subsidy for the acquisition of equipment or hardware for approved enterprises, and offers them with training and consultation to improve the level of operation and competitiveness.

Doubtlessly the program can benefit eateries along the route by diverting flow of both locals and visitors to less explored areas and bring dynamism to local economy. For the promotion of quality tourism, the Macao Government Tourism Office launched the Quality Tourism Services Accreditation Scheme in with the purpose to define service quality standards for the tourism industry, encourage and support the industry to enhance service culture as well as recognize tourism merchants and practitioners who provide outstanding services and implement excellent service management.

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For more information of the scheme, please click here. The Macao Food Safety Centre is responsible for ensuring that food safety standards are being meant. The Labour Affairs Bureau DSAL launched the Occupational Safety and Health Programme for Restaurants in and , to reward enterprises and practitioners who had outstaynding performance in the aspects of occupational and health implementation, in an attempt to encourage and raise awareness of the industry to adopt occupational safety measures to reduce accidents at work from happening.

Apart from the Programme, DSAL also provides certificate courses, seminars and guidelines to the enterprises and practitioners to improve their working environment and safety knowledge. Since , Caritas de Macau launched a center dedicating the service of Short-term food assistance program.

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This Program tries to reach out to those who are having economic difficulties and to elevate the problems of poverty through combining the service to the society and raising awareness. This forum is an annual event, as part of its work in forging ahead to develop Macao as a gastronomy city, on the road to transform Macao into a World Centre of Tourism and Leisure.

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It wants to provide a platform for participating cities to communicate and understand the strengths of cultural assets, creativity and sustainable development. The Forum aims to connect cities to share their successful experience and learn from each other so as to boost the development of gastronomy in the creative field. The Forum endeavors to demonstrate that food has become a common language shared by cities all around the world.

Since its first edition in , it has been the most favorite gastronomic event among local residents and visitors. The Macau Food Festival brings delicious Asian, European, Mainland China and local delicacies, and exciting entertainment and fun for everyone. With the theme of global delicacies in Macau, the Macau Food Festival is like an amusement park where visitors can taste worldwide cuisines in just one place while they can enjoy games, live performances and beer competition during the festival.

This festival takes place at the Taipa Houses-Museum in three consecutive days in October. Macau Beef Cuisine Festival, organized by the Association of Macau Small and Medium Enterprises of Catering, becomes a popular annual summer event for beef lovers that kick-start at the Rotunda de Carlos da Maia since This unique festival is expected to support local medium- and small-sized restaurants and reinforce the community tourism by promoting local restaurants.

Special promotion, lucky draw and Cowboy Parade are part of the programme to increase the festive atmosphere and attract tourists and residents to discover the community gastronomy and tourism resources. Public activities like multi-national cuisine and market exhibition, cooking demonstration by international famous chefs, fun workshop and cultural performances at the venue is spread through in this gastronomic and cultural festival month.

The long-running festival is organized by Macau Association of Mutual Help of Myanmar Overseas Chinese with the support of the local government and related entities since With many Myanmar people living in Macau today, this festival has become a firm tradition which features booths of tempting southeast Asian fare, folk music, dance performances, and endless selection of delicious southeast Asian foods at Rotunda de Carlos da Maia. The day Oktoberfest Macau has welcomed nearly , beer lovers with 96, liters of beer, 21, kilograms of pork knuckles, 9, roasted chickens and 14, pieces of homemade pretzels served approximately over the years.

Authentic dining experience and entertainment makes this event one of most popular gastronomy event in Macao. Organized by the Wine Society of Macau and sponsored by The Venetian Macao, it featured a wide range of wines from different countries and also delicious foods in an outdoor event showcased in over 40 booths as well as exclusive entertainment and a premier Wine School with lecturers conducted by industry professionals. International Master Chef Charity Association has been organizing this meaningful charity event since and it aims to encourage co-operation among Chinese culinary master chefs, facilitate idea exchange and empower them to utilize their talents towards giving back to the community.

The 4 th edition, co-organized with Macau Cuisine Association, was held in Macao in and gathered over master chefs from around the world including Australia, mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, and America, among others. The fusion of Chinese and Western cultures makes it a beautiful gem at the estuary of Pearl River Delta.

Apart from appreciating the city onshore, the scenery can also be enjoyed offshore. Macao has fishing boat cruise now for visitors to enjoy during the fishing closure season. Fishermen will introduce their daily lives and the fishing equipments. It is a great opportunity to experience the fishery culture abroad a real fishing boat. Each sailing lasts about 90 minutes so visitors have plenty of time to appreciate the Inner Harbour and its traditional fishing culture, with each trip enriched by explanations about the harsh but rewarding life of the fisher folks.

The competition is for both elementary and secondary level students and it aims to encourage flameless cooking and promote the importance of healthy diet and environmental protection. Through engaging in the competition, students can learn to appreciate food and environment, gain valuable life skills by working as a team to create and cook. On top of these, the competition aims to further educate chefs in local Macanese Cuisine and to inspire their cooking skills and promote the gastronomy development within the industry at the local and international levels.

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The cooking contest is open to the public each year. The selected participants use induction cookers to prepare healthy family dishes on-site and the judging panel rate the dishes according to a number of criteria, such as appearance, taste, eco-friendly ingredients selection and composition; nutritional value and as well as practicality. Each year there will be different theme featured with music and light show bespokes local artistic power and adding creative interactive games with great fun by using remarkable blend of technology and innovation.

Sudão: Sete mortos e centenas de feridos

Following the Festival, the Office conducted an impact evaluation of which the result confirmed that the event had widely won recognition from citizens and visitors. A line-up of festive events during December in previous years, including Macao Light Festival, Macao International Marathon and the Parade through Macao, Latin City, had unleashed a synergistic effect which deepens cooperation across the fields of tourism, culture and sport.

In the future, MGTO will also apply more innovative technology and multimedia in tourism to promote creativity and smart tourism development in Macao. The festival is the first grand meeting of literates from China and the Portuguese Speaking Countries ever to be organized. The Script Road brings to Macau renowned writers, publishers, translators, journalists, musicians, filmmakers and visual artists to the city. Organized by the Cultural Affairs Bureau of the Macao SAR Government, the Macao Arts Festival is the biggest annual arts festival in Macao, which consistently enriches the cultural and artistic life of residents as well as visitors.

It actively promotes the arts and artistic education, in an effort to encourage residents to engage in artistic activities and welcome the arts into their daily lives. Since its inception, the festival has been actively promoting local artistic creation and providing numerous performance opportunities for the local artistic community through a wide variety of large-scale performances and exhibitions. In addition, it promotes the Chinese traditional repertoire as well, thereby exposing its brilliant qualities on the international stages of Macao.

The annual rendezvous, together with dancing notes and exhilarative resonance, creates a channel for the artistic nutrients from different parts of the world to infuse into the pulse of the city. This broadens the horizon of the city to a global level and enhances the artistic humanism of the citizens. The Festival has been developing over the last three decades.

On the 30 th anniversary of the Festival, Macao International Music Festival Forum invited prominent practitioners and directors of music festivals from overseas to discuss and share opinions on music and arts festivals and cultural development of cities, as well as seeking further opportunities for exchanges and co-operations. The Contest has pit a range of globally-acclaimed pyrotechnic companies from 10 different countries against each other over the past editions.

This annual tradition is held above the sea in front of Macau during September and 1 st October, whereas the team from China will culminate the Contest with their fireworks display in celebration of the National Day together with all the residents in town. Every fireworks display is choreographed to both music and laser light projections in the way that not only brings out its theme but also enhances the effect and level of its pyrotechnic extravaganza.

MGTO is dedicated to creating a greater synergy and enriching the content of mega events through interdepartmental efforts as well as collaboration with the private sector and local organizations so that more residents and visitors are motivated to take part in the events. The Office has been joining hands with the General Union of Neighbors Association of Macau over the years to present the Fireworks Carnival which features both stage performance and signature delicacies next to Macau Tower.

First held in , The Macau City Fringe Festival, organized by the Cultural Affairs Bureau and co-organized by the Civic and Municipal Affairs Bureau, has been showcasing an exciting range of local and international performance all over town, performing dance works, interactive theatre productions, musical performances and much more. The festival screened more than 50 films from over 20 countries and regions across the globe.

Members of the Awards jury comprise of film directors from Hong Kong and Macao, for the Macao Short Film Competition, which will be held to encourage participation among the local cultural and creative sector and inspire young local talents to create their works. It is believed this annual event can boost the synergy between tourism and culture and promoted local tourism development, introduce world class exchange opportunities, functioned as a regional exchange platform and empower the local film industry as well as the cultural and creative industry to progress, while widening the cultural perspectives of our local residents and bringing multi-faceted benefits to Macao at large.

The Fair is a carnival-style event embracing trade, cultural exchanges, shopping, leisure and entertainment and has achieved relatively significant results year-on-year and has been widely recognized by different sectors in the society. The Guangdong and Macao Branded Products Fair debuted in and has been held annually with the objective to cope with the Outline of the Plan for the Reform and Development of the Pearl River Delta, and is an important trade and economic activity promulgated by both governments acting upon the basis of the subsequent Strengthening the Comprehensive Strategic Cooperation Agreement between Guangdong and Macao signed by the Macao Trade and Investment Promotion Institute and the Department of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation of Guangdong Province.

The Macao International Trade and Investment Fair is one of the biggest trade events in Macao and attracts large numbers of exhibitors and buyers from around the world every year since Macao Government Tourism Office has 14 representative offices in the Asia-Pacific, Europe and North America, which organizes various tourism events and promotions, and often engages gastronomy as one of the pillar attractions of Macao.

Highlight events include chef master classes in universities and renowned restaurants, cooking demonstrations on food trucks, Macanese food-week overseas and inspiring visiting chefs to create new dishes fusing elements from Macao and much more. Korean chef invited to experience the food culture of Macao and share experience with Portuguese chef.

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