Quattro racconti neri (Italian Edition)

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Prima Edizione Introduzione di Emilio Cecchi. Roma, ; cartonato in tela, pp.

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I Grandi Maestri. Published by Sansoni About this Item: Sansoni, Condition: Buone. Dust Jacket Condition: Buone. Prima edizione. Legatura ed. Copertina tutta pelle ombrata, con impressioni in oro al dorso. Sovraccoperta trasparente sporca. Tagli sporchi di polvere, ingialliti con fioriture in testa e al piede.

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Pagine ingiallite. Sovraccoperta trasparente. Tagli sporchi di polvere, bruniti con fioriture in testa. Pagine ingiallite, brunite ai margini. Sovraccoperta in acetato trasparente sporca in modo lieve. Tagli ingialliti, con fioriture in testa. Published by Arnoldo Mondadori Ed. About this Item: Arnoldo Mondadori Ed. A cura di Alberto Tedeschi. IX,, Coll. NOTA:Mancante della sopraccoperta. IX,, leg. About this Item: Condition: buone. Condition: ottime. Prima edizione perfettamente conservata.

Racconti neri by Giorgio Scerbanenco

Minimi segni del tempo scale. Seller Inventory F Published by Casa editrice Ceschina, Milano About this Item: Casa editrice Ceschina, Milano, Italiana Fiction and Poetry Italian fiction prima ed. About this Item: Hardcover. Collana "La grande letteratura". Rilegato in cartonato rigido. Cm 22 x Published by Casa Editrice Ceschina, Milano From: Studio Bibliografico di M.

Treviso, TV, Italy. Ceschina, luglio Rilegato con copertina rigida. Sprovvisto di sovraccoperta. Spedizioni tracciabili con raccomandata entro 24 ore dall'ordine. First edition. Hardback cover in good conditions, no price clipped, no inscriptions or markings inside. Chi sono? Ma i vampiri, naturalmente! In questa raccolta per ragazzi e non solo ci sono proprio tutti: Dracula, Edward Cullen, Orlok, Nosferatu, Barnabas Collins e tanti altri. Ma quindi, direte voi, chi sono gli Illustri Vampiri? In the event, above all in Seveso, hundreds of farmyard animals died, so that — after days of inaction and uncertainty — the entire population was evacuated.

What was the dioxin doing in a perfume factory? In Seveso, the municipality where the toxic cloud hit most, she found herself facing the bewilderment of a population that did not even know how to name the huge risks it was encountering, and a political class unable to act in the face of an ecological catastrophe of such significance. One of the TCDD dioxin toxic effects is in fact to be teratogenic.

In the aftermath of the Icmesa explosion, the possibility to concede abortion to pregnant women began to be discussed As stated by Laura Conti herself:. The dioxin issue became a female issue, whereas it concerned the whole population The Icmesa-generated disaster resulted in a formidable occasion of public debate among pro- and anti-abortion positions, right into a political context that was dominated by the collaboration experiment between the Democrazia Cristiana Christian Democrats and the PCI, both at the national and regional Lombard government levels The Seveso affair was reported in just three articles, all of them published in , and they focused mainly on the question of abortion They denounced:.

We have been absent from this debate, even if for different causes: we, the women […], the true and proper terminal of energy consumption […]. We, who in the obsessional ritual of domestic work, use daily electrical energy but ignore what it is, how and by whom it is produced […]. Eco-feminist suggestions are also offered:.

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  • Women […] have always devoted themselves to the care of life through the dense network of their daily occupations […]. Their relationship with nature is more balanced than that of men, which is driven by the desire of domination and exploitation, precisely because women in their daily upkeep of vital processes have acquired a profound respect and an intimate knowledge not a scientific one, but a global adherence of such processes.

    I do not want to say that Woman is Nature and Man is Culture, propagating a myth which translated itself into an alibi in order to reduce us to a state of inferiority — but, given the fact that the dominant culture has been and still is the male one, characterized by a negative relationship with nature, women escaped to a greater extent the need to establish such a relationship, simply by being outcasts The logic of domination is the theoretical basis of eco-feminism: the patriarchal society justifies the subordination of woman to man together with that of nature to human utilization.

    Such a convergence had been observed for the first time in , among protest movements opposed to the designation of the Sicilian municipality of Comiso as a NATO air base hosting US nuclear warheads. More research on this event is needed Males were thinking about tables of survey records […] and I was wondering what to feed my child and thinking about my three months pregnant friend We cannot assert that this had a mass echo.

    However, feminist and environmentalist associations made contact with the Forum and their joined in the experience At the time, the environmental question was not perceived as urgent. Two main factors may also have played a role. On the one hand, the overall scarce scientific education of Italian women, due to the heritage of the first Italian environmentalist movement, has to be taken into account. The final section will present the case study of an environmental grassroots movement constituted in by a group of mothers, the Mamme No Inceneritore, who opposed the installation of a waste incinerator in the outskirts of Florence In recent Italian history, Mamme No Inceneritore is actually one of the many groups of women — especially mothers — that have been fighting against pollution and waste mismanagement, without being related to one another.

    Among these groups, some of the most well known originate from the region north of Naples, where illegal dumping and burning of toxic waste earned it the infamous name of the Terra dei Fuochi Land of Fires.

    Primo Levi and Italo Calvino

    Research on the subject has shown the disparity between northern and southern Italy Geography was indeed one of the reasons I decided to study the Mamme No Inceneritore group: they operate in Tuscany, a region known worldwide for its bucolic and iconic beauty, and its stereotypical landscapes of rolling hills and cypress trees. The very presence of an incinerator seems to subvert the commonplace dichotomy between northern and southern Italy, according to which the former embodies the virtuous practices of an ordered society, whereas the latter symbolises the opposite.

    The existence of this group, on the contrary, shows that environmental issues — waste mismanagement in particular —are not confined to southern Italy. Another reason for choosing this group as a case study is their gender sensitivity — as its name implies —, the amount of female and male activists involved, and their significant impact on the territory.

    I wanted to examine the peculiarities of this group and the involvement of female activists — whom I interviewed — in their political activities, with special regard to the perception of their gender role inside the group. Using this theoretical framework, can the Mamme No Inceneritore be described as being part of the Italian environmental justice movement? Conflicts linked to waste mismanagement make up an overwhelming majority of reported cases. From northern to central and southern Italy, the whole country seems to be affected by waste storage and disposal issues.

    The area had already been provided with an incinerator in , which was closed down in after the detection of a high concentration of dioxin in the soil exceeding legal levels. The construction of such a plant was opposed by local inhabitants because, among its negative effects, it would increase the risk of children and adults developing pathologies; furthermore, it would also affect greenhouse gas emissions with the consequent acceleration of global climate change. Building the incinerator would impact the resident population in a km radius; in addition, the incinerator was planned only 8 km away from the Duomo the Cathedral in Florence , an area of high population density which — according to the World Health Organization WHO — is among the areas in Italy most affected by fine particles Many associations and committees have been fighting the incinerator since February , when the project was included in the Piano provinciale di gestione dei rifiuti urbani Urban waste management provincial plan and adopted by the Consiglio Provinciale di Firenze Florence Provincial Council.

    The Mamme No Inceneritore committee was established on 12 February by a group of mothers who were worried by the toxic, irreversible effects that an incinerator would have on the health of the Florence Plains inhabitants, and the environment. It used various kinds of initiatives, aimed at learning and popularizing alternative methods for waste management and disposal Female activists in the committee come from various socio-economic backgrounds.

    However, they did not succeed in involving the inhabitants of the working-class districts and, most of all, the immigrant population who makes up an important percentage of residents According to others, women activists in environmental justice movements do not, in fact, make a link between gender and environmental issues: they seem not to be aware of specific gender issues In fact, the majority of activists were born in the s. They grew up with the Riflusso , which invested Italian society between the end of the s and the s As a matter of fact, the activists who have a more active political militancy past in trade unionism or in environmentalist and pacifist movements are also older.

    Instead of protest demonstrations, they organise walks through the city; time-consuming meetings are replaced by flash mobs, while — at times funny — video projections ensure high-impact communication.

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