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Ariel seems pretty pleased about having feet, but did she not notice any other new things she got with her legs … like a human VAGINA? Did she not wonder what that was and what it was supposed to do? Then again, Eric probably explained it ALL to her on their wedding night. Not my idea of a princess. Well, if Eric is looking for a girl, I know a couple of highly available ones right here. The shade is real, my friends. I felt bad for this chef. He was just trying to cook and do his job and Sebastian gave him hell. King Triton had that seahorse working extra hard looking for Ariel when she was on land gallivanting with Eric.

If Ariel And Prince Eric Got Married IRL, This Is What It Would Look Like

This little town looks vaguely familiar, like the little town Belle moved to. Or do all European towns with Prince-Kings look the same?

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Sebastian pulled out all the stops getting Eric to kiss this girl. Where was he when I was in high school trying to get my crush to kiss me?! I can marry Ariel instead of the girl I really love. Who did Ariel think she was diving into that water to get to the boat? Continuity problems afoot — literally. Ariel has no shoes on when she gets on the boat. Then a few seconds later she has on heels.

The Ultimate List of The Little Mermaid Quotes

Someone was sleeping in the animation room. Zoom In. Like, we saw homegirl get speared in the gut. King Triton hooked up Ariel thrice over with new legs, the ability to swim, and a bomb dress. King Triton was a bomb dad. Nasty, but true -- I wonder how Ariel acclimated to having human periods.


Having a vagina had to have been a whole new experience for her … and Eric. He was the first one getting to test-drive that thing. Ariel was the true embodiment of the youngest getting their way. Get it, girl. Skip to main content.

the City and the Sea - Eric Whitacre - Antioch Chamber Ensemble

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The Little Mermaid

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