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This art appreciation worksheet bundle include 20 worksheets designed to work with almost any work of art. From describing art to writing poetry to analyzing characters to drawing settings, these worksheets will allow your children and students to connect more deeply with works of art. The worksheets are designed to work with multiple age groups, so no matter what grade you teach, you will find these worksheets to be useful. My website is dedicated to helping you learn about art with your children and students.

Animal Yoga Bundle. A set of 3 different printable themed yoga cards including a zoo, sea, and farm theme.

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Each set includes a full set of cards with pictures that go along with the theme and full sheet description of the poses with pictures. Make movement fun and part of every day! Author: Chanda Jothen — amom and physical therapist. She loves getting a deal, attempting DIY projects, and sharing ideas to promote development and keeping kids moving at school and home. Montessori Animals of the Continents Bingo Printable. Now I am a stay-at-home mum to two beautiful children. Montessori Baby Watercolour Art Cards. These whimsical watercolour art cards are made for your sweet darling to enjoy! Montessori method suggests that babies are especially attracted to black and white pictures which soothe them and promote development of eye focus!

There are 4 x black and white, 3 x black, white and red, and 3 x yellow, red and blue colour pictures. I Wonder. This is an art activity book for children that fosters creativity and imagination. It encourages children to connect to nature and discover beauty in the world around them. I see. I wonder. It contains 20 beautiful pictures illustrated by professional and very talented artist — Alexandra Burda.

This book invites children to use their imagination and experience in nature to complete each picture. Montessori Baby and Toddler Educational Printables.

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The storybook includes a list of kids yoga poses and a parent-teacher guide. Enjoy this popular jungle yoga book in an interactive PDF download format.

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Age group: preschoolers to early primary aged children. Author: Giselle Shardlow, illustrated by Emily Gedzyk. Giselle is the author of Kids Yoga Stories — yoga books for kids get children learning, moving, and having fun, drawing on her experiences as a teacher, traveler, yogi, and mom. Two Brave Little Kittens. The ebook is about Caty, a kitten from town, who wants to play in the village, and Felina, a kitten from village, who wants to go to the town.

This ebook has activity worksheets about geography. Author: Maria Magdalena — a homeschool mom of 11 year old boy, live with her lovely husband and son at a remote coastal area in Sumatera, Indonesia. Her passion is to have a public library for children in remote area. Merry Memories: Holiday Traditions to start with your family. Author: Rachael Wunderlich — an old fashioned mom in a modern world, creating a Happy Home for her family and four children. Energize your school year with a Christmas twist on classic science experiments!

Fun experiments like bending candy canes, erupting Christmas colors, and investigating a Christmas plant that acts like a natural pH indicator are mixed in with explorations like Christmas electricity, growing crystal icicles, Santa Boogers aka red slime , and so much more!! Author: Carla Jansen — a science teacher turned homeschooling mom who loves to explore, try new things, and share resources and ideas with other parents and teachers!

Each of the holiday projects in this book is designed for the busy family in mind.

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The projects are short on time and most materials you may have in your home. If you only have 5 minutes or 20 minutes, you can find time to create a holiday project. A Simple Christmas.


Do you remember the old-fashioned Christmases? Those are the kind of Christmas memories that I want our children to have. I want them to remember Christmas as a time of love, family and togetherness… not of rushing, stressful moments or business.

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I want them to have an old-fashioned Christmas… A Simple Christmas. They are both work at home moms finding fun ways to manage daily life with their kids and husbands while also being full time bloggers. Just no heads under, it's terrible to get out of hair. Oh, and keep up the preventer inhaler!

I swear it worked wonders on her!! Will continue to do this every time they get sick from now on. Grotty Room Spray! Also vicks vaporub on the feet. Our baby has nsal obstruction so has a runny nose a lot of the time so we run a vaporiser quite a lot. Raise mattress a little. Nice warm Bath and warm milk. Cuddles until they fall asleep :o A Strange yet easy dinner because they tend to be a little fussy. Harkers Relief balm on thier feet and a cut onion in there room cuddles : If your little one has a cough when lying down try cutting an unpeeled onion in half and place beside their bed for the night.

We've used vaporisers in the past but this winter they seemed to make coughs worse!? Worked really well, dried up nose and stopped the cough. Touch wood she has been quite healthy this winter - last year had constant broncolitis so this is a nice change. Can only give to 2 years and over thought. Karvol and vicks combo all the way. Also, for littlies, saline up their noses right before a feed.

Loads of Vicks front, back and feet with socks on after , propping the bed way up and, I hate to admit this, but we have a "medical dummy", which I have found really useful for easing many coughs without resorting to cough syrups or paracetamol. Mine are nearly 4 and just 5 and find this really comforting when they are feeling low they had dummies when they were smaller and just having something like that to suck seems to help enormously Enabling JavaScript in your browser will allow you to experience all the features of our site.

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Overview Helps teach children health and hygiene. Boogie the booger teaches the healthy way to blow your nose using a Booger Ghost. Boogie knows that most people think he's gross, and some people even call him a snot. But he doesn't feel bad because he does great things! He keeps us from getting sick! He's a true defender and just asking for a little respect. Product Details. Average Review. Write a Review. Related Searches. Bubble Gum Brain.