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A statistical test of mediation showed that participants who were in a state of awe were more willing to give their time because they felt like they had more of it. In the final experiment, participants read either an awe-inspiring or neutral story, followed by questionnaires assessing time perception, life satisfaction, and hypothetical choices about purchasing either experiences or material goods e.

Awe again led to expanded time perceptions, which is turn increased perceived life satisfaction and interest in experiences rather than material goods. These results suggest that one way to feel like we have all the time in the world even if we don't is to do things that inspire awe. It's easy to get caught up in the routines of everyday life and miss out on potentially wondrous experiences, some of which may be right under our noses.

The mere fact of our existence, for one, can be enough to inspire awe see this previous post. Awe may not be helpful in all situations, the researchers note—sometimes it's a good thing to feel like time is limited, so that we can get down to business when necessary. But more often than not, we could all probably use a little more awe.

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Rudd, M. Awe expands people's perception of time, alters decision-making , and enhances well-being.


Psychological Science. This post previously appeared on Psych Your Mind. What a wonderful contribution this is! I am looking forward to tweeting and sharing it.

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I love the practical wisdom, and it makes a great deal of personal sense to me. There is a Mexican saying "We can't make time longer, but we can make it wider. Thanks so much, Ken. It's really interesting research——I was excited to learn about it. I've enjoyed your blog as well! Best wishes, Juli. Basically leading people by brutal will, awe and force is considered only mildly effective or only effective under special circumstances.

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Burnout and stress are however considered to be the direct result of these types of leadership - especially if imposed on a regular, long-term basis. So awe becoming permanent might have the counter-effect. On the other hand one has to ask if awe in this study is rather mor having the function of a wake-up call to the brain leading to higher activity that the body and mind can only accomplish if there is a greater feeling of "time left to do things". Contact Seed Holden. Streaming and Download help.

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Golden Sun. Big-hearted, rootsy guitar-pop where bright, jangling chords cradle tender, beautifully melodic vocal lines. Wild Havana by Wild Havana. It was fun as an author to try to obscure time. I was always asking myself, do drugstores still have soda fountains?

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Do people still sit and chat on front porches? How long have kids been riding skim boards on the edge of the tide?

Thank goodness libraries still have actual books.

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