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Kelvin is a passionate Unity advocate and wants to share his experience and knowledge, to continue to learn new things and to help anyone who wants to make great games using Unity.


Arturo started his game development career programming game prototypes for the Xbox After having completed his studies as a computer systems engineer, Arturo started to work as an independent developer at Phyne Games making mobile and web games primarily. Currently, his role focuses on helping studios in Latin America to develop their games and interactive applications in addition to evangelizing about using Unity.

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He spends his days helping our users in EMEA, showcasing new features, delivering training and writing tech blogs. By night he develops his own 2d games. Mark Schoennagel is a Unity Evangelist with a strong technical background in 3D Animation for both film and video games.

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For nearly 20 years he was the lead evangelist for Softimage 3D, enjoying a front-row seat during the renaissance of the 3D industry. Prior to joining Unity, he taught game design and development to higher education students.

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  • St. Mark the Evangelist: Bible Author and Patron Saint.
  • Patron Saint of Lions, Lawyers, Secretaries, Pharmacists, Prisoners, and More.
  • The Ballad of Emma OToole (Mills & Boon Historical).

John Sietsma combines a long history as a games developer with a love of education to help people make the most out of Unity. He has worked on games that let people fly planes, play Rugby League, conquer kingdoms, merge the real with the virtual and compose music by waving their arms around!

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A personal highlight has been teaching new game programmers the skills needed to enter the world of game development. He travels from conference to conference, spreading the word about Unity. His role involves showcasing new features and advocating good development practices, but you'll also hear a lot about game design along the way. Combined with his passion for teaching and education, his soft spot for design makes game jams his natural habitat.

We glorify God in all that we do.

Mike Geig is the Global Head of Evangelism Content at Unity Technologies where he helps democratize game development by developing and delivering high impact learning resources. Mike has experience as an indie game dev, a university educator, and an author. A gamer at heart, Mike works to make the development of interactive entertainment fun and accessible for all skill sets.

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Hi, Mom! After ten years as an indie developer and organizer of events for fellow game creators, Ashley Alicea joined Unity as an Evangelist for the Americas. Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Grade classes are taught by subject matter experts.

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We offer individualized tutoring and academic intervention. James Fountaine, Principal jfountaine syrdiocese. Campus Overview. John School St.

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  8. When under Divine Protection, people gain access to strange abilities that are referred to as Fourth Generation. If other users of the Adolla Link manages to forge a connection with somebody under Divine Protection, they also gain a Fourth Generation ability. However, The Evangelist seems to be able to rescind its Protection. In the aftermath of the Great Disaster , the being emerged from the Tear in Space after Tempe approached it. Calling the Evangelist a god and begging for his happiness to be returned after the disaster took everything from him, the being used a Bug to transform him into an Infernal , before venturing into the Chinese Peninsula. admin