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Nomad is a four-part story from Star Wars Tales. It is the saga of Darca Nyl , a wandering mercenary and takes place approximately six months after Episode I. It consisted of a four-part serial in Star Wars Tales 21 , 22 , 23 , and It was collected into a single page comic for Star Wars Tales Volume 6.

A ship on a mission to return the deadly prisoner called Lycan to Coruscant crashes on the lands of Darca Nyl and he finds a dying Jedi Knight in the wreckage. The Jedi tells him of Lycan and gives Nyl his lightsaber.

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Nyl rushes back home and finds his son slain by Lycan, which causes Darca to pursue him. Darca Nyl's pursuit leads him to a inhospitable, colonized planet in the Outer Rim Territories rich with ore, where he soon meets Samuel , the owner of the planet's mining facility. Samuel mistakes the lightsaber-wielding Nyl for a Jedi after he ends a conflict between Samuel's men and a boy accused of conspiring in the kidnapping of Samuel's daughter Leddar.

Samuel reveals that Lycan has already left the planet a week earlier on a supply ship, but he asks Nyl to help return his daughter before he tells him Lycan's destination. Darca Nyl accepts the deal and ventures with Samuel outside the facility in protective suits to find Leddar. After a brief fight they managed to disarm the kidnapper and rescue Leddar. Samuel finally reveals that Lycan was heading for Molavar. Darca Nyl's pursuit is interrupted when the crew of the ship he is on turns against him. He manages to take care of them, but the ship crashes on an unknown planet.

He soon meets a woman named Jaren and her brother Ament who he rescues from a man on a speeder bike. Judging from the body language of my peers, it was obvious he was admired by them for some reason I couldn't see. Ignoring my suspicion as to why this grown man chose to do drugs with high school kids, and being programmed to act a certain way around elders I stood quietly in the circle until his thick country hands pushed the joint into my fingers.

I held it, then took a long professional pull and began to choke. Everyone laughed. Preacher John looked down at me with a menacing glare. I remember sitting on the grass trying to pull imaginary spider webs off my face when Cool Jerk strolled up. He came right up to me with a puzzled look. Like I was a strange insect he was seeing for the first time.

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Cool Jerk became electrified. Why the FUCK yall do dat dawg? He helped me up off the ground with anger and concern on his face. I remember trying to match his anger with my own facial expression, which, having little control over only made me seem worse. He looked directly at Preacher John and said-. With the mention of his dead mother and the intensity of his tone, no one dared to accept his challenge.

Me and Jerk became inseparable. Winter arrived with its gears and teeth. The ducks flew away, the trees shivered, and the lake collapsed into itself and froze. Back home, we had long standing traditions surrounding winter and snow. We made money clearing driveways with shovels. Had snow ball fights and ice wars. We Hijacked snow sleds and threw their riders off in a heap of drunken laughter grasping whatever we could to make it to the bottom of the hill.

We built fires and igloos and snowman monsters Then, after school one day in early spring, we walked upstairs and found Cool Jerks front door kicked in. Inside, drawers and cabinets had been emptied with their contents scattered across the floor.

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I watched him walk around taking it all in. From a black briefcase, Jerk found crumbs of marijuana. This case was obviously the reason for the robbery. He rolled a joint with the remaining pieces, lit it, then picked up the phone. Cool Jerk calmly handed me the joint and exhaled. That's when I realized who Jerk really was.

Why his threats actually carried weight.

Raid on Nomad City

He wasn't acting, or emotional. He meant it. After school the next day, I saw Dion outside. He was leaning coolly with one bent leg against the brick wall.

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He possessed what can only be described as a negative aura. His presence always conjured echoes of my elders oft repeated axioms- Misery loves company. And, Nobody goes to the rose garden to stare at the thorns. He was medium height, with a medium build and had a medium mind to match. It was a subtle gesture yet the message was clear. With no regard for tactic or garments of innocence to cover my question I simply said-. Let me see some money.

We communicated through body language and raw psychic ability. Our minds racing, our movements slow like playing chess in a jar full of honey, we squared off doing a boxers waltz with lead feet positioned to swing. We viewed each other through microscopes ignoring the electrified crowd that began to form around us. Between the Americorps members and the Fire Crew members we put in person-hours a week on projects like these. Things get done. Feb After spending the coldest part of the winter staying warm by cutting down the pine trees across the street from our house, we finally got to start enjoying the fruits of all that labor.

As is normal for our days with the Cape Cod National Seashore, we start burn days with a briefing in which we go over the weather, a safety talk, and the days task. Finally, after weeks of waiting, we get to begin burning all the piles we created. The actual ignitions are facilitated initially with the liberal use of a drip torch and a leaf blower. However, once a pile has been reduced to embers we can stow the torches and substitute a bucketful of glowing coals to ignite new piles.

The resulting bonfire is further stoked by constant application of air through the leaf-blowers, which keeps the pile burning at full blast until all the fuel is expended. Unsurprisingly, the bonfires are extremely hot. Our facial hair was the first thing to take the heat poorly.

The leaf blowers dramatically increase the heat produced by the bonfires, allowing us to get a more complete burn in a shorter time.

Tales Of A Nomad

The downside is that they need to be fairly close to be useful, and the fires get really, really hot. Jan Back in December we started a project , while going through chainsaw training with the Cape Cod National Seashore, thinning the forest in front of our house. Doing that reduces the threat of a wildfire moving through the canopy of the forest.

Each pile represents between two and four trees. When we started, attempting to run through the forest would have ended with a concussion, now the trees are thin enough to sprint though. Each tree we felled we bucked into logs unfortunately, Pitch Pine makes for poor fireplace wood and limbed.

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Half of us stacked the resulting logs and branches into neat piles to burn later. At the very least, I can personally account for somewhere north of forty Pitch Pines. Our boss went through the woods before us each day and marked somewhere in the neighborhood of forty trees for us to remove. However, I did get out a bit this weekend, long enough at least to see that the bay side of the Cape has begun to freeze. Choking them with layers of ice.

This picture was taken right near the border between Eastham and Orleans on the bay side of the Cape.

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The ice extends as far as the eye can see. Posted in Exploring. Create a free website or blog at WordPress. Skip to navigation Skip to main content Skip to primary sidebar Skip to secondary sidebar Skip to footer Tales of a Nomad Biologist It just keeps going and going and going and…. Igniting the final strip. Like this: Like Loading Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson Railsea. David Weber Flag of Dishonor. David Weber Honor Among Enemies. David Weber In Enemy Hands. David Weber Echoes of Honor.

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