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There are a number of ways that a will can be challenged or disputed. Some of the most common ways our litigators have come across but by no means all the ways are:. As well as claims in respect of wills, Healys Solicitors can also assist with claims arising when the estate is being administered, such as:. Our specialist litigators have years of experience in the field and will look to help through all the stages of your case. Our experienced team members will do all that they can to achieve the result that you want.

‘Strange Inheritance’: Family finds Norman Rockwell painting

If it looks like your desired result may not be possible or will be too expensive to achieve by full Court proceedings, our experienced team will look at ways of reaching a settlement without going to Court. This often saves on costs but may also save the already strained family relationship.

Our litigators put your clients needs first and will make sure that during this highly emotional time they will get sound, clear, professional advice on whether to proceed with a claim. We always offer a no obligation free consultation on the claim to see if it is viable. This usually happens because the testator was suffering from dementia or some other mental illness. Sometimes it may seem obvious that the testator had or did not have capacity, but this is decided by the Courts according to legal tests that are not as simple as a diagnosis of illness.

When the testator was improperly or unduly influenced by another person when making the will. This means that the other person applied pressure to the testator to make the will more favourable to that person. When the will is what another person has persuaded the testator to make instead of what the testator wanted. Here's how to keep the peace between your family members, while ensuring your loved ones get a fair slice of the pie.

The only way to ensure that assets are divided the way you would like them to be is to draft an estate plan. Individuals who die intestate — that is, without a will — leave everything up to the state in which they reside. Indeed, there are situations where a split between beneficiaries may seem fair on paper but aren't in reality. Let's say that a married couple runs a family business, and it makes up the majority of their wealth. One of their three adult children is actively involved in that business, but the other two aren't.

In this case, the business owners can opt to purchase life insurance to help make the two less-involved children whole, or they could give them a nonmanaging interest in the business, Radigan said. Don't leave your family members in the dark about your estate plans, keeping your arrangements a surprise until your death.

For instance, beneficiaries who are receiving their distribution in a trust for their benefit might interpret that as a punitive move that creates an obstacle between them and their inheritance. Now is the time to take a second look at your will, trust documents, beneficiary designations and, if applicable, business succession plan.

This is especially important for baby boomers: The divorce rate for those age 50 and older has doubled between and out of every 1, married people, 10 got divorced, according to the Pew Research Center. Sign up for free newsletters and get more CNBC delivered to your inbox.


Taxes influence values and decisions in all economic activities. We advise you proactively and develop tailor-made solutions for you - also for complex issues and in compliance with international tax law. Professional competence and integrity have top priority in the auditing process - values that are characteristic of our work. In addition, our services provide you with valuable improvement potentials for your company. A multitude of specialists ensure that you are not only aware of your rights, but can also enforce them. Our lawyers and mediators find the optimal solution for all legal problems - even across professional boundaries.

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We offer you our entire portfolio of services at 10 locations throughout Germany. Our experts work closely together to solve even the most tricky cases - competently, quickly and interdisciplinary, and, if required, also together with partners around the globe. Sound expertise, close interlocking, personal consultation. At BSKP we are the strong partner at your side and tailor-made solutions to your requirements.

Advice on Wills: Should Each Child Get the Same?

Learn more about us and our service on these pages. Take advantage of our know-how: within the scope of the BSKP Academy, we pass on our expertise to you in a clear and comprehensible manner. Family law is complex and demanding. It requires immense knowledge and assertiveness, but also tactfulness and diplomatic skills. We have a team of experienced and well-positioned people who combine these qualities.

In addition, 3 of our attorneys with their additional training as certified mediators, 2 attorneys as certified legal advisors and one tax consultant with a focus on family and inheritance tax law extend our competence in family and inheritance law. Family law is not a field for lone warriors. Since the majority of the mandates assigned to us involve several legal areas, we think consistently interdisciplinary. All the experts of our law firm exchange information intensively and are up to date thanks to regular advanced training courses and seminars.

In this way, we provide our clients with the highest level of legal support without losing sight of the emotional side.

Family of dead couple ask judge to decide who died first in £300k inheritance row

Our aim is to reach out-of-court settlements wherever possible. Even in court disputes, we try to find amicable solutions to avoid unproductive and costly escalations. If this is not possible, we will consistently represent your interests and develop result-oriented strategies and solutions. Our commitment to you is based on the principle of dual control.

In your particular circumstances, two lawyers are always trained at the same time in order to guarantee an efficient handling of your case at any time. The specialist lawyers of our family and inheritance law team are available to you for personal meetings at any time, even at short notice — if possible, within 48 hours. Please arrange a meeting with our reception staff for this purpose. We are happy to advise and represent you nationwide at each of our 10 other locations.

The extraordinary qualification of our team has led to the fact that our specialist lawyers have been working for a long time in the further training of judges, notaries, asset managers, experts and employees of banks. For many years, our expert advice has also been in demand in the local press, in trade journals and on the radio.

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